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Dungeons and Dragons and other Fantasy Art commission cost, timeframes, and FAQ

Maybe you've just defeated a BBG (Big Bad Guy) with your party and you want to immortalize the moment in a group picture at the local tavern. Maybe you want to show off the adamantine armor and chromatic broadsword and shield you just looted... Or maybe you just want a poster of a Mimic eating a gelatinous cube, the options are endless and hopefully this blog will help with some expectations.


Questions about cost - $ - $$$$$???

The overall cost of your upcoming masterpiece can be hard to determine at first. Our prices are broken down by the level of detail you'd like in your image.

Portraits - Starting at $60

This is a "mugshot" or headshot of a character, creature or beast. These are great for profile pictures, emoji's, Icons and more. This usually just includes a bit of the neck, head and hair leaving plenty of room for armor, amulets, earrings, hair beads, tattoos, piercing's, cyberpunk adornments and much more.

Bust / Upper Body - Starting at $120

This is a hip and up shot, displaying the bust, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head and hair. These are great for showing off brilliant shoulder pads, cloaks, gauntlets, weapons, shields, helmets, jewelry and are a good place to start for the more NSFW (Not Safe For Work) requests.

Full Body - Starting at $250

Your Fantasy Character, the completed version. From the tips of their toes, to the ends of their hair. This is the request of choice for those who want to see their entire character and is fantastic for showing off armor sets, clothing sets, or the lack there of.

Creatures, Beasts and Monsters - Starting at $200

An idea for a big bad and its time to show him off to your party, or maybe your favorite dragon just flew over town... maybe ya'll just died to a bunch cocaine bears...


Simple Backgrounds (add a bit of taste like a building, or a cave wall). +$50 and up.

Small Pets/Mounts (like an owl, cat or small dragon pet, or riding a direwolf). +$150 and up.

Detailed Backgrounds (inside a tavern, library, grand boss battle environment) +$150 and up.

Animation is additional. +$100 and up.

Questions about timeframes...

As much as I'd like to set ETAs it really depends on the request. While some portraits may take 24-48 hours to deliver more detailed artwork can take months to finish. If a timeframe is a concern, Rush delivery is optional for an additional charge depending on the request.

Other questions: Sizes: This is up to you, while square images are great for Instagram, Facebook and other profile pictures, having a longer picture for full body requests or wide format pictures to showcase an epic scene. We will of course suggest our recommendation.

The Process: 1. We'll need some backstory... Who is your character? What is your character? Where is your character from? What are they like? What have they been through? I want to draw your character as close to your imagination as possible, including expressions, posture and attitude.

2. Agree and Pay... Once an agreement is made and payment has been deposited I will start on your commission, giving you updates every 24-48 hours unless there's a backlog of requests. This timeframe may vary slightly.

3. Revisions... These are done during the check-ins, if I don't hear from you, I assume you're happy with the image and I'll keep working.

4. Final Version... This will include a watermarked final version of your commission where you can request any last minute details, and finalize the project.

5. Delivery... We will deliver your commission art by email in a .JPG and .PNG format or .GIF/.MOV for animated art.


The Evening Gallery and Mys Nyx retain the right to use any art created for display purposes and advertising to showcase our gallery. Your personal information will always be kept confidential, however we would love to have a review about your experience us as well as your permission use it along with the artwork.

Additional questions or interested in your own commission?

Visit our commission page here.

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