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Pretty Little Liars Fan Art 2021

Pretty Little Liars is a drama filled friendship disaster piece focusing on the lives of 5 teens finishing high school and entering early adulthood. Better known as Allison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. Plagued by blackmail, entrapment, even attempted murder by the extremely elusive antagonist A. Allison falls victim to an apparent murder which sends the rest of their immediate lives into a unique tale of triumph and sorrow. Never a dull moment for these young women as they try to uncover the mystery of their best friends death. Over the 7 seasons the show ran f mishmash of other notable characters like Mona, Ezra, Toby and CeCe to name a few. Pretty Little Liars delivers on entertaining twists and turns, its a fun binge.


Fantasy Portraits

I decided to make some fantasy portraits inspired by the main characters of the show. I hope you enjoy my art and collection.

Aria Pretty Little Liars Fan Art
Aria Fantasy Portrait

Emily Pretty Little Liars Fan Art
Emily Fantasy Portrait

Hanna Pretty Little Liars Fan Art
Hanna Fantasy Art Portrait

Spencer Pretty Little Liars Fan Art
Spencer Pretty Little Liars Fan Art

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