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What is the VeVe app? and what is the BEST way to get FREE VeVe Gems?

When it comes down to #NFTs finding a project with a reasonable price point for investing (at least wisely) is difficult. Introducing VeVe, VeVe is a next generation #NFT app with a Store, Market Place and an "In an app Currency". If you're looking at avoiding #GasFees and have a chance at #Disney, #Marvel, #DC, #Batman Virtual #Collectables and Virtual #Comics, you should consider looking into the VeVe App. Available on iOS and Android with a web app in development , #VeVe has made an enjoyable collectables space in the virtual space allowing users to place their NFTs in a virtual vault, or use them in an AR Space inside your own home. Withdrawals from Gems-to-FIAT is reportedly in the later stages of development.

The VeVe App is broken down into the following:

VeVe Store and Drops - This is the VeVe storefront, where they display upcoming and previous drops and collections. Think of this as 'What's been sold out', and what maybe available on the secondary market.

#VeVeDrops, Almost all drops are #BlindBox format, meaning you'll be given a random rarity of the item purchased. Currently there's two ways of obtaining drops on VeVe...

  1. Hitting the "Buy Now" the exact iframe the "Buy Now" button is available. With enough luck and good internet speeds you'll be directed to perform a Gem Transaction for the collectable, at which point the collectable will be delivered to your "Collection" within a quoted timeframe.

  2. #Rebounds, VeVe Rebounds are a "second chance" which happens reportedly every 4 minutes after the initial drop. You MUST remain on the buy now screen in order to have chance at rebounds, if you navigate away from the original buy now screen you will see "Sold Out" and will have to purchase the #Collectable off the Secondary Market.


Collection - This is where all of your #VeVe #VirtualCollectables will be shown for you to view, place in your vault, and utilize in the #AR mode. You can view information on your #NFTs including Mint #, Current Floor Price, Rarity and Collection.

VeVe App Collection Page
Collections Page of the VeVe App

Feed - the "Feed" is an app wide social posting board where you can post photos taken in-app from your Vault, or AR, as well as the ability to post images/comments about collectables and market postings. This is a great way to connect with the VeVe community and to grow a following.

Post on the VeVe Feed App
VeVe App Feed Post

Market - Secondary Market, This is where you can purchase collectables on the after-market. Currently this is the only place you can purchase collectables after missing drops or filling out old collections without having to fear being scammed or deactivated.

VeVe Market Place

Profile - This is where you can display a profile picture, write a little description and display your collectables for other VeVe community members to see. You're able to hide and show your profile if you choose to have your collection hidden. You have the ability to gain "Followers" to which will post a notification every time you post in the feed, much like other social platforms.

VeVe Profile

Gems - Gems are the in-app currency for #VeVe, Equal to 1:1 to USD. You'll have to purchase gems from #VeVe in order to purchase #Digital #Collectables. Gems can be used to purchase collectables, you can also transfer Gems between accounts (On Android by pressing Profile > Send / Receive > and either Scanning the QR Code or Pasting the Wallet Number.)

VeVe Wallet with Receive code
VeVe Wallet

To transfer Gems on VeVe using an Apple Device, You'll have to go to HERE, Login, and then Scan or Paste the Wallet numbers.


#VeVe is a really fun way to get into the Collectable space at a fantastic price-point (for drops). The team has regular AMAs, an extremely active Discord, and are working on many different things like Cash out, Trades and the Master Collector Program.

Now many of you are wondering, What is the BEST WAY to get FREE VeVe Gems? Well its simple. You have a chance at FREE VeVe gems by Following us on Instagram and by Signing Up to our site. We will keep you updated on VeVe Gem Drop coming in the near future.

You are definitely still early, and so far this is the only AR Collectables App partnered with HUGE brands that allow you to utilize your NFTs.

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We appreciate you.

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