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Arcane Tabletops | Vi and Jinx | Commission One of a Kind Fan Art Side Tables

Vi and Jinx Arcane Tabletop Fan Art
Vi and Jinx Arcane Sidetables Commission Fan Art Tabletops

Jinx, Fishbones and Pow-Pow
Jinx - Arcane Tabletops Side Table

Vi and the Arcane Vault Breakers
Vi - Arcane Tabletops Side Table

Arcane Side Tables are hand crafted to order with the highest level of detail. They make a fantastic addition to the home of any Arcane or League of Legends fan. Our tables are the perfect size for any room. Whether you're looking for a feature piece for your apartment, or just something awesome for your desk at work, we can create a custom table that's sure to amaze.

Jinx, Fishbones and Pow-Pow

Vi and the Arcane Vault Breakers

Truly unique League of Legends inspired pieces that is sure to be the talk of the room. These incredible side tables are made out of a combination of wood and hand painted high quality durable vinyl. With well over 100 hours of detailing, this table is a true work of art. Not only do you get the incredible table top, but with removable legs you can hang it, making it truly dynamic!


Arcane Vaultbreaker

Commission your own table Today! We will even add personal touches such as your summoner name or initials if you like. Want your favorite champion on top? customize it with whoever you want.

Jinx, Fishbones and Pow-Pow Close up
Jinx, Fishbones and Pow-Pow Close up

Vi and the Arcane Vaultbreakers Close up

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